FALCONS (Fractional-order Computations and Simulations) is the first commercial software exploiting computational algorithms based on fractional calculus and fractional-order finite element methods. It provides a one-of-a-kind computational platform to tackle the most challenging multiscale and multiphysics simulation problems in engineering and science.

The unique properties and capabilities of fractional calculus allow this new platform to perform multiscale and multiphysics analyses of complex systems at a level of accuracy unattainable with traditional integer-order calculus-based methods. This approach results in unprecedented computational efficiency, multiscale accuracy, and adaptive multiphysics capabilities.

Features and Gallery (Coming Soon)

The most distinctive features of the current version of Falcons (Beta version) include:

    • Fracture mechanics: static and dynamic fracture simulations have never been easier and more accurate. Our unique fractional order algorithms allow accurate simulations of static and dynamic fracture (in either brittle and ductile materials) without the need for front tracking algorithms and artificial a priori assumptions on crack initiation location and propagation.

    • Nonlocal mechanics: the first commercially available software offering finite element analysis capabilities for nonlocal structural mechanics.

    • Reduced-order models: highly accurate and computationally efficient reduced order models for heterogeneous materials